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How do you decide who should handle your legal needs?

You should choose someone who has passion and commitment for what they do. I started my own firm in 1992 because I didn't like the way most law firms were just out to make a buck and weren't concerned whether their clients won or lost. I've stayed in the same office building since 1994 because I know clients are more comfortable when they know their attorney isn't going anywhere. I make it a point to show up to work every day, I've only taken one sick day since 1992, because I know clients don't like to wait to hear back from their attorney. I use email on my cell phone and check it around the clock - evenings, weekends, and holidays - just in case a client needs to reach me. Over the years, I've tried to hire people with the same passion and commitment, and we constantly try to reinforce the old saying, "the customer is always right." I also understand that most clients are having a tough time, so over the years we have done many pro bono cases (free) and many reduced fee cases, and for social security disability cases, there is no fee unless you win. If you are calling around to different attorneys, please call us to find out who to watch out for. Over the years, we have heard from people who used a different attorney for bankruptcy and ended up losing their home (and other assets). We've also heard from people who used a different social security disability attorney and they had to pay back benefits because they weren't instructed properly. So please call us and we'll give you the best advice that we can. - By Paul Gigliotti

We primarily handle Social Security Disability (SSI / SSDI) and Bankruptcy (chapter 7 & chapter 13 / debt relief agency).  If we do not handle your type of case, please call us and we will try to refer you to someone that will best fit your needs.

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