Bankruptcy Timeline

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Chapter 7


–                   Case filed with the court.

–                   4 to 5 weeks later, the trustee hearing.

–                   Second credit counseling due.

–                   Discharge date (approximately 60 days after trustee hearing)


(After the Discharge is granted, the case must be administratively

closed before you can sell your house or get a loan.  Some

bankruptcy trustees will leave a case open after Discharge for

2 years to see if they can sell the house for above the allowed

equity amount).

Chapter 13


–                   Case filed with the court.

–                    2 weeks later, trustee payments begin.

–                   4 to 5 weeks later, the trustee hearing.

–                   4 to 5 weeks after that, the confirmation hearing (to approve the Plan).

–                    Once the Plan is approved, the Plan runs for 3 to 5 years.

–                    At the end of 3 to 5 years:

– Credit counseling due.

– DSO (Domestic Support Order) form due.

– Discharge Granted.

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